Merry Christmas [or Happy Holidays]

No matter your religious beliefs (or lack thereof), Christmas Day is a time of traditions. For some it’s presents under a tree. For others it’s a movie and Chinese food!

For The Millmans, it’s always meant skiing at Stratton, VT. Of course when it’s 54 degrees on the mountain after a few days of rain and virtually no snowfall so far this season…it means just hanging with the family in the Green Mountains as you’ve done for more than thirty years.

When your plans were to get your three and a half year old started on skis, this El Niño weather can be a bit of a bummer (at least to a Portrait & Event Photographer dad looking forward to those photographs of his little snow bunny on the slopes for the first time). Fear not, Julia wasn’t in the least bit phased or upset. And a morning spent playing with her new Lego Duplo set made any thoughts of glory on the trails fade away for all involved parties.

So, the day was spent checking out a mountain with about as much snow on it as there is currently in Central Park. That was followed by a viewing of possibly the greatest children’s television special ever (Free To Be You And Me). And before dinner with Grandma & Grandpa…Daddy had to get his “money shot” for the Holidays.

While everyone else relaxed by the fire, I scrambled around on the back deck like Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation untangling Christmas lights and prepping. And then as light rain started to fall, Mommy was able with the small bribe of a choice for dessert to get my little redheaded muse to join us on the back deck.

Julia Summer Millman - Year 4 Day 276 (Fri 12 25 15)_December 25, 20150033-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg

Wishing everyone the very best at the holidays. No matter what you celebrate, no matter who you are with, I hope they light up your world, put a smile on face and make it a better place!

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