The luckiest guy I know

By Marc Millman

Today I turn 48. I can’t say that this is a milestone in any way other than the fact that I am now a year older than I was 365 days ago.

Life is interesting. I can’t say that, like many people I completely envisioned where this crazy joyride I’ve been on would take me. Like my parents, I’ve always been a “people person,” but having more friends and acquaintances than I can possibly account for is meaningful. However, in the grand scope of things, it doesn’t matter as much as having a successful business, gaining the respect of your peers, sharing the love from your family and thankfully finding yourself to still be in relatively good health as “the Big 5-0” starts closing in on you.

It’s been particularly hard lately to see several friends suffer losses and major health issues within their families. So, what I think about today is that I always assumed I would have a family. And I always hoped I would enjoy what I do for a living. And somehow both have come true. As a former redhead (one of the unfortunate things about getting older), I always had a thing for redheads. And now I find myself living with two redheaded beauties who care more about me than I ever thought anyone would. And I could never have envisioned how strong my bond to Robyn & Julia is. When I add to that the life I’m leading: shooting musicians and making friends with many of them, I feel like William Miller in Almost Famous. And I’m not sure what could mean more other than still having my mother alive. And of course being able to get back a few friends and loved ones who didn’t make it this far along in life would really be something special.

So, now that I’ve pontificated about a whole lot of nothing for a change, I leave you with a photo gallery of some great birthday memories over the past 48 years. Some were “directed” by me. But most were captured by my father, my wife or my friends. So remember that even a good photographer needs an extra set of hands every once in a while.My 3rd b'day in FloridaMy 4th birthday party (March (1972)_December 05, 20150017My 5th birthday party (March 1973)_December 05, 20150003My 5th birthday party (March 1973)_December 05, 20150024My 6th birthday party (March 1974)_December 05, 20150004My 40th birthday  some of the guysMy 40th birthday (the BT girls)My 40th birthday blue ribbonMy 40th birthday cakeMy 40th birthday me & lahooMy 40th birthday posterMy 40th birthday robyn & her parentsMy 41st birthday with Dad & RobynMy 41st birthday with RobynMy 42nd birthday cakeMy 42nd birthday kissMy 42nd birthdayMy 46th birthday dinner with Robyn & Julia Flex Mussels (Fri 3 21 14)_March 21, 20140043-Edit-EditMy 47th birthday (Sat 3 21 15)_March 21, 20150076-EditMy 48th birthday celebration (Sun 3 20 16)_March 20, 20160007-Edit

And of course, please remember that even on bad days, there are probably people in your life that have it somewhat worse. So send good vibes to them….and get ready for  my 50th birthday blowout in two years (because I’m definitely topping the 30th & 40th celebrations)!!! It’s going to be rocking!

Until then, I’ll see you out at a concert. And you can follow my adventures on this blog, on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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