Burn Baby, Burn [or Nas & Jared get married]

I’ve reached a point in my life where if I’m not making images at a wedding as the photographer, then I’m most likely not involved in Wedding Photography at all. The reason is simple: most of my friends are married…with kids! In fact I’m more likely to be shooting a Bar or Bat Mitzvah of a close friend’s child. But when I do get to attend nuptials, I find it impossible to walk out the door with only my iPhone in hand. Much like the curse of being a concert photographer, I just can’t enjoy myself without a camera.

One of the most important things a photographer like any other artist needs to do is look to challenge oneself every day. So when I left for what promised to be the most unique wedding I would probably ever attend, I decided to travel small and light. But I did not leave myself without an arsenal of weapons. This made my choices for the night rather easy. I decided to take my favorite new toy: the Fujifilm XPro-2 with a 18mm f/2 prime lens. And to make sure I would have enough light, I grabbed my iBlazr. Although not a full frame camera, the XPro-2 renders wonderful skin tones and more than acceptable images up to ISO 6400. The 18mm f/2 lens allows me a wide image from essentially a pancake lens while also being relatively fast (ideal for low-light captures). And the iBlzr is one of the neatest gadgets I’ve picked up in the past few years. It would allow me a continuous source of light if needed (and it most certainly was at this affair!)

Dressed for a “Rocktail” party, my wife and I headed out the door for our 6:15 arrival time in Freeman Alley having only been given the time and location less than 48 hours before the event. Most people would find this a bit strange for a wedding. But then most people don’t know my close friend Jared. He is a world traveler and an ardent member of the Burning Man world. It was on his travels to the Far East two years ago that he met a wonderful young lady from Russia. And after a whirlwind romance around the globe, the man that many of us thought might never settle down, asked the love of his life to marry him. And none of our close friends who grew up together on Fire Island ever thought that this night could be anything less than monumental.

The alley dead-ends at Freemans Restaurant…that was not where we were going. But adjacent to the restaurant was the back entrance to The Box. And if you know anything about the venue, the Burning Man culture and my friend Jared…

My philosophy for photography is stated in the name of this blog. On any given day, anyone can be a Rockstar. Sometimes the person literally is one. Other times it is just a girl becoming a woman at her Bat Mitzvah or a little boy playing in the waves on the beach. And other times it is a couple like Anastasia and Jared who are made for this moment every single day.

I’m always hoping when I go to work to walk away with a few more than memorable images to make my clients happy. And when traveling “light” and going as a “spectator,” it feels really good to be able to give your friends and “extra” wedding present.


Mazel tov to Nas & Jared. The effort put into the details of your big day showed. May your love continue to burn brightly. And may you keep on rockin’ for many years to come.

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